Jampani’s marinade recipes of veg and non veg are the first prior to NRIs

The expedition of my mom’s pickling for past three decades, won the hearts of many friends, relatives, near and dear ones. Being connoisseur and foodie most of them always wished deliberately to share and have a delicious meal with my mom’s native pickles during lunch hours right from my schooling till date. At a glimpse of their exhilaration and introspection towards mom’s pickles I pondered to detect the sense of same feel in the succeeding generations.

At this sight the waves of perception and contemplation led me innovating homemade pickles under hygienic conditions with all the requirements of different age groups based on their health and fondness.  Being passionate of pickling I put forth the thoughts of my pickle lovers into action, which paved a path to set up ” ” “Jampani Pickles “.

Jampani Pickles is established in the year 2015 with high standards   and quality to serve the people globally at their door step. Now I am proud to deliver that Jampani Pickles raised to the heights meeting the requirements of customers. For the past five years its roots got penetrated deep into the hearts of millions of customers across the globe. A wide variety of ambrosial pickles are available in our services. Our pickles are quotidian as the part of the people’s regular diet. We serve you at your doorstep with nominal charges.

Today Jampani Pickles are ubiquitous. Both veg and non-veg pickles of all varieties are available in our services and once the order is placed at, they get delivered to you within short span of time. Customers residing in different nations fond of native‚Äôs pickles prefer Jampani Pickles to carry with them. Though they are away from mother land their fondness to nativity is blended through our pickles creating a brand image.Shipping is done mostly to the countries like  USA , Canada , Malaysia and so on…..

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